High-performance and Reliability

All CDN servers are located at major European data centres and are connected to Europe's leading internet exchanges. This way, we bring your content close to the user's connection point, assuring fast load times and a reliable connection. The availability of your content at multiple geographic locations takes away the single point of failure and allows us to easily handle large media files and peak traffic conditions. It also provides you with an automated back-up solution for your content.

Support for live and on-demand streaming to any device or platform. Since support for every major streaming protocol is transparently integrated into the CDN, Dubai Livestream can target multiple screens without the need for client-side plug-ins or intricate configurations. This way, Dubai Livestream is able to stream at the same time to all devices with Flash support (using RTMP streaming) as well as to iOS devices (using Apple's HTTP Live Streaming protocol), both for live and on-demand webcasts.

Multi-resolution support, using server-side transcoding and adaptive streaming. When a live stream is being broadcasted, the CDN is responsible for re-encoding and transrating the incoming stream in real-time. The result is that your live stream becomes available in multiple resolutions, suitable for different playback devices. Through the use of adaptive streaming (both for Flash RTMP and Apple HLS) Dubai Livestream Player will automatically render the most suitable stream and switch to a different stream if conditions change (e.g. available bandwidth decreases).

Live Video Streaming

Each resolution of a live webcast stream is automatically recorded by the CDN. This allows Dubai Livestream to make the webcast immediately available as on-demand video as soon as the live event has finished, without the need for uploading the video from the Broadcaster. Since each resolution is recorded, the on-demand webcast can also be delivered through adaptive streaming.



Highest quality encoding of your video content for the best quality delivery.

Multi Device Streaming

Computer or Mobile, We’ve got you covered. You pick the device and we’ll stream your video through our content delivery network


Using Akamai, one of the largest CDN's as our backbone it will handle any load at any growth rate.

Responsive Player Design

We have designed the player to be responsive so it will always fit and look great at whatever size you wish to embed it at.

Publish to Facebook

Use Facebook to go viral by embedding your videos and live streams in your Facebook wall with one simple click.


Implement security policies through multiple customizable options.

and more...

We don't run Ads but our clients like too. We are probably the only company out there that has built it so you can upload a video, tag it as a pre-roll and run it in front of your Live stream or OnDemand video. This enables you to give your sponsors their ads and not some random ad that has no interest to your event or viewers.
After working with multiple CDN's we found Akamai to be superior. It has a truly worldwide enterprise network which we can offer at consumer prices.
Measure the performance of your online video content through statistics and reporting options.