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You at least need 512 kbps Download Internet Bandwidth to watch SD ( standard Definition ) live webcast and at least 2+ mbps Download Internet Bandwidth to watch HD ( High Definition ) live webcast, to check your Internet download Speed please click here: www.speedtest.net

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  • Background Download can also cause Buffering issues, please make sure you don’t have any downloads running in the background.

Possible Causes are:

  • Make sure you are connected to the internet ( preferred wired connection )
  • your firewall may be blocking the live webcast. To check the status, please click " Start Tests " button below

  • If all the tests are successful, you should be able to watch the live webcast.
  • If any one of those tests failed, please contact your Network Admin / Internet Service Provider.
  • Please clear your browser cookies and restart your browser.
  • Try using different Browsers ( Browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome , Internet Explorer , Apple Safari, Opera )
  • Try restarting your Internet Modem, router and Computer.