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Stream Your Wedding Live on the Internet!

Watch My Wedding gives you the ability to offer secure, live online streaming of your wedding ceremony to loved ones who are unable to attend your ceremony. Brides and Grooms around the world are turning to online streaming of their weddings to share their special day in a unique and fulfilling way.

What is webcasting?

Webcasting is a general term describing the distribution over the Internet of a presentation, lecture or event using streaming media technology. A webcast may be distributed live and/or on-demand.

A typical webcasting page contains, apart from the video player, a second window in which the speaker's slide show presentation is displayed synchronously with the video. Additionally, the page may contain all kinds of relevant data like information about the webcast and speaker, links, attachments...

Most webcast pages also contain interactive elements which allow online participants to ask questions, comment, tweet... In case of a live webcast, this may lead to direct interaction between the speaker and the online audience.

Expand your Reach

Webcasting allows you to expand your target audience: online participants can watch live using a pc, tablet or smartphone. By making your webcast available on-demand, a new audience will be able to discover your presentation after the event, e.g. through search engines or social media. This allows you to benefit from the long tail effect.

Engage your Audience

Because of their interactive nature, webcasts form an ideal instrument to raise the level of involvement with your product or brand. The webcast player allows participants to give feedback, ask questions, and connect through social media... This may improve the quality of your message and provide further inducement to speakers.

Know and Broaden your target group

A webcast provides you with the opportunity to better identify your target audience, both passively (registration) and actively (interaction). This way, you can create a network which you can continue to develop afterwards, for example by providing additional incentives in the on-demand webcast or through follow-up emails.

Collect and Unlock Knowledge

The webcast recordings allow you to further disseminate your information. You can build an archive and continue to unlock it through digital technology; e.g. by using video syndication, publishing fragments to social media, creating a searchable translation or subtitles...

Enjoy operation benefits and Lower costs

The operational benefits of a webcasts are obvious: less travel time, more compact events, more options concerning the time and location of events.

All this results in cost savings. Since a webcast may be recorded anywhere, it gets easier to use foreign experts for a presentation. Moreover, a webcast could generate new forms of revenue, for example by attracting webcast sponsors or through online advertising.

Dubai Livestream is tightly integrated with the Akamai Content Delivery Network (CDN) which makes sure that all webcasts are delivered fast and reliably. Akamai has ample experience in ensuring optimal performance under all traffic conditions. Moreover, by using the cutting-edge video delivery techniques of our CDN Servers, Dubai Livestream is able to provide the best possible multimedia experience to every user on every device.

Keys to a Successful Webcast

Properly promoting your webcast is the key to its success. You’ll want to ensure the intended audience is aware of your event and can plan for their virtual attendance.

The content of your webcast will generally determine its target audience. Identify if your event is something broad that should be made available to the world or more focussed for a key group of people. A simple email should suffice if your event is for a small number of attendees but if the goal of your webcast is to as many viewers as possible there are a number of ways to promote your webcast.

Once you have identified your target audience you can start advertising your webcast. Make sure you plan to have enough time prior to the event to make it known to your virtual viewers. This can range anywhere from a few days prior to the event, to weeks in advance depending on the size and scope of the event. Ensure you have enough time to reach the as many potential virtual attendees as possible.

You can use several mediums to help advertise your event. Below is a list of options you may want to consider.

  • Update your website with Event
  • TV and Radio Advertising
  • Email to Distribution List
  • Social Networking Sites – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc
  • Word of Mouth
  • Email Newsletter
  • Message Boards
  • Advertise with Industry Magazines
  • Press Release

When advertising be sure to keep your message consistent and focus on the advertising mediums that best serve your target audience. Also be sure to clearly indicate the Agenda and Presentation Schedule and whether this will be exclusively a Live event or if virtual attendees will be able to access an Archive of the event.