Live Stream

Live Stream

Livestream, Virtual tradeshows, Web conferencing,if you’re looking for help, there are a thousand alternatives out there — and just as many more companies who’ll try to sell you all the pieces and parts they think you need.

And sure. They’ll work… If what you want is the same boring thing as everybody else.

Someone with their finger on the most current technology. Someone who can make it all play together nicely, whether you need just a conference call or the biggest virtual trade show anyone’s ever seen. Someone who knows how to find you an audience, and then put butts in seats. Someone who takes care of the little stuff so you can focus on making your thing the best thing that’s ever been…

“ Deliver your video at the best quality anywhere in the world through our own CDN and our strong partnerships. ”

What you get?

Livestream your events with Dubai Livestream and you’ll get:

Happy viewers

Happy-happy viewers who can see your Livestream anywhere — on a computer, tablet or phone

Branding support

Branding support to make your Livestream look like… well, your Livestream. Nobody wants fish sticks in a pizza box.

Complete toolbox

A complete toolbox stuffed full of engagement widgets you can use to immerse viewers in the experience: social feeds, viewer-to-viewer chats, viewer-to-presenter questions and answers, and more.

Archived programming

Archived programming so your prospects can view your Livestream long after you’ve forgotten you even gave it.