Dubai Livestream was setup to offer a rock solid streaming service without the high cost.

We can offer HD Live Event Webcasting that ensures the very best experience for our clients and their global online audience.

Live stream any event to a worldwide audience in real time. Our premier webcasting services are designed to complement your event's business model and expand your audience. We have repeat clients because they've experienced a direct return on investment.

Corporate Communication

Board meetings, Employee trainings, Press releases

Academic Events

Symposiums, Leadership Meetings, Alumni Relations

Sales and Marketing

New product launches, Product demonstrations

Investor Relationship

Earnings announcements, Shareholders’ meetings

Industry Events

shows, Franchise meetings, Keynote speakers

Special Occasions

Graduations, baptisms, dedications and more streamed in high quality.

Government Presentations and Speeches

One or two-way presentations, Federal and Local government mass communication

Live Wedding Streams

Stream your wedding live to family and friends who can't attend in person.

Funeral Services

Family oversees or unable to travel can participate in the memorial service, live.

Live Event Streaming

Concerts, Live Events, Convocations, Sports, Racing, Tournaments, Training, Seminars, Conferences

Reasons to Webcast
  • Dramatically widen access to information and events
  • The connection made by audio and video is unparalleled. Messaging is clear, and context is much more appreciated vs. written documentation of a meeting
  • Improve transparency and accountability - promote democracy
  • Demonstrate a leading edge image
  • Create rich multi-media on-demand content for your web site
  • Promote and market your organization, events, products and services
  • Detailed audience tracking
  • The public can review publicly available content live or at their convenience as all webcasts are archived (Video on Demand)
  • Accessibility: The audio provides a simple way for visually impaired users to have a message delivered to them
  • Be environmentally responsible
  • Increase training revenues - Distance education and training is cost-effective, freeing up budgets for other items
  • Internal workers have easy access either live or on-demand to content that is targeted and inexpensive to produce
  • Universal message across a departmental workforce